MODA Ore Microscopy Charges

Indicative prices in Australian Dollars
(not including 10% GST applicable in Australia).

Discounts may apply for large, regular orders.
Prices in other currencies are available on request.

Polished thin section preparation

MODA does not have section preparation facilities but can arrange polished sectioning of samples using reputable petrographic contractors.

Whole rock polished thin section $80-$100
Whole rock thin section $45-$50
Whole rock polished block $50-$60
3-fraction polished grain mount $100-$125

Hellyer - Melnikovite pyrite pseudomorphs
Pillara - Colloform sphalerite/galena
Pillara - Marcasite (crossed nicols)
Hellyer - Chalcopyrite-diseased sphalerite
Mt.Gordon - Chalcopyrite/covellite
Mt.Gordon - Specular hematite with bornite/covellite/digenite

Ores as whole rocks
Mineragraphic description with annotated digital images $500-$700

Metallurgical products
Quantitative mineralogy on 3 size fractions (down to 5µm) with tabulated particle mineralogy report and textural icon maps for each size fraction:

Feed or concentrate $350-$500

Tails $450-$600

Prices may vary for unusually time-consuming samples (e.g. very low grade tails).


Digital photomicrographs with annotation can be provided according to the client's requirements and generally require specific quotation.

General consulting rate
$140/hour, $1100/day

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